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Hi, my name is Richard, i’m 32 with a young family and I have a healthy obsession with money.

After leaving school I worked in a betting shop for a year, it really opened my eyes to peoples relationships with money and how easy it was to spend, waste and enjoy.

Following that I spent the subsequent years working in Corporate and commercial operations where I learnt how to use money in better ways.

I have always had a fascination with finance and was brought up in a financially responsible manner. This didn’t stop me making the same old mistakes as everyone else when I turned 18 and I’m still learning now, but the grounding was there and the seeds were sown.

The main thing I have learnt so far is that, regardless how little or how much money you have, there will always be governments, banks, insurance companies and every other imaginable rogue who will want to take it off you. It makes the world go round, keeps people in work and keeps the economy going. I myself am a product of corporate industry and spend my working life trying to make my company more money. But in my spare time, I try to work out how to keep more of it for myself.

I am no financial expert and all my learning is either from experience, advice or trial and error. I have made some pretty dumb mistakes and learnt more from them than the things that have gone well.

Money should be ours to enjoy, and I want to help people work out how to use it better and keep more of it to do the things we all want to do.



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