Share recommendations: Update

Before the General Election I made some bold predictions by selecting 3 different companies that would be worth investing in whose performance would not be adversely affected by the outcome of voting. That was around 3 weeks ago now and I thought it was worth a quick check up to see how they had all fared over the intervening period:

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK)

The price at the time of the original post for these shares was £15.62 per share. So my £100 bought me 6 shares in total at a cost of £93.72. This share has been a bit of a disappointment for me so far as it has fallen to £14.20 per share. This means my 6 shares are now worth £85.20. Last week however, GSK announced dividend payments of 20p per share so I can add an extra £1.20 to my return on these.

Total Profit / Loss to date  – Minus £7.32 (Approx 8% down)

Carnival (CCL)

The company that owns P&O Cruises & Cunard have performed steadily over the past 3 weeks and were completely unaffected by the result of the election. The price paid for these shares was £31.58 per share, allowing me to buy 3 shares in total worth £94.74. The price today at time of writing is £31.49, meaning my holding is now worth £94.47. A total of 27p less than when I started. This share price will be driven very much by announcements of results so I am happy with a break even at this stage.

Total Profit / Loss to date – Minus £0.27p (Approx 0.2% down)

Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY)

As I mentioned in the original post, this was the share that was going to be most affected by the result of the election and this was certainly how it turned out. The share price rose 6% on the Friday when the result had become clear and it has continued to do well in the following days. My £100 (£99.89 to be exact) originally bought me 127 Shares when the price was 78.65p per share. Since then the price has progressed to 88.80p per share, growing by over 10p per share. This is a great result so far and hopefully one to keep hold of. When the government announce they will sell of some of these shares, it will affect the price for a week or 2 as they will be selling them at a 5% discount. But I hope that the price will increase by more than 5% before the sell off comes anyway so this should hold.

Total Profit / Loss to date – Plus £12.89 (approx 13% up)

Overall result so far:

Spent £288.35

Current Value including dividends £293.65

Profit = £5.30 (1.8%)

If this money had stayed in the bank, it would have earned interest of around £0.08p over the same time period. (Based on an annual interest rate of 0.5%)

I will continue to track the progress of these Investments and share the results with you each month.


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