Tuddenham Mill Hotel, Suffolk

Between a late meeting on Tuesday and an early meeting on Wednesday I had occasion to stay in the local area close to my Wednesday appointment.

Using my usual selection criteria I picked an independent hotel via Expedia and found the Tuddenham Mill hotel in Suffolk.

I went a little against my own rules on this one and paid £115 for the night, but this did include a full cooked breakfast and I’d had a feeling that the meetings I was attending would be particularly arduous so a little luxury was in order. At that price I had high expectations, increased by their own description “Luxury Boutique Hotel”. I was actually quite excited.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the small village of Tuddenham, to the north of Bury St Edmunds and is placed on the high street. On arrival the reception area was chic and I felt a little bit like Gulliver as all the furniture was very low to the ground, this wasn’t a bad thing as it made me feel quite important! I was shown to my room which met very expectation. I was on the top floor, in the roof of the building which has been converted tastefully, leaving enough of the old features to feel both homely and elegant. The standard hotel facilities such as Tea & Coffee, the ironing board and the wardrobe were tucked away which made the room feel much less hotel like.  What impressed me the most was the small touches, Bath Robes as standard, local modern art on the walls,  a relaxing CD already in the bedside stereo, and complimentary Sloe Gin on the desk (this was particularly nice). Free Wifi as standard was also nice to see. I am finding more and more places trying to charge for this standard service which is not great when you have work to do.

5            6

If you’re looking for “in-hotel” activities such as a Gym or a Pool, you’re in the wrong place. A nice walk or a spot of Golf is the best on offer, and I was in the mood for neither. Dinner was the priority, in the 2nd floor dining room over looking the lake. It was pre-7.30pm so I went for the early diners menu. £19.50 for 3 courses. Again, a little more than I would normally go for but lunch had been a non-event.

An Appetiser was presented first which i’m pretty sure was deep fried pork with some kind of cracker, but I wasn’t told and didn’t ask as no sooner had it landed on my table it had been swallowed. Asparagus was the theme of the starter with a grated Italian cheese, it was pretty good, for Asapragus, and with the fresh bread was plenty big enough. A Salmon and shrimp medley was next, accompanied by a rich pepper and tomato sauce, this was really good but could probably have been improved with a side of veg or potato. Tallegio cheese with crackers and a glass of Montepulciano was actually the highlight and something I would come back for alone.

Sleep followed, which was great. A decent King Sized, which was actually a king sized, not just 2 singles shoved together with a sheet covering the gap which you inevitably fall down. The only disappointment was being woken earlier than I usually care to rise by what I can only assume was a lorry full rocks trundling past my window. I suppose it gave me more time to enjoy my breakfast.


I would have liked more time to survey the local area, but it was a functional stay, not a holiday so I was happy enough. Tuddenham Mill lived up to and exceeded expectations. A lovely team and a really well presented hotel.


Tuddenham Dinner


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